Our Mission.

Personal, friendly service provides an atmosphere of creativity,

Our mission is to lay the foundation for a unique experience in decorating and design.

A combination of client needs and professional input together with trust, allows for a journey of fulfilment and the outcome desired.

Our Vision.

We believe in the basic principle of quality.

Any work carried out should represent style and clarity, recognising that longevity in design is cost-effective. This comes from our keen understanding of the importance of ideas, and the value of time and money.

It is with this in mind, we have great regard for classically strong design with its reaches into period and contemporary needs.

In the long term, design should stand up to the fads of today and provide lasting contemporary relevance.

Our vision is for quality in design & decoration, production and outcomes respectful of original concepts.



Jill O'Grady, Founder, Design Specialist

Brian O'Grady, Founder